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The ULTIMATE double elixir deck

Average elixir 4.3

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

Do not be fooled by the elixir cost of this deck! The deck itself has two main win conditions being the Royal Giant and Hog Rider. What you should try and do is make positive elixir trades with your opponent whilst in single elixir, keeping yourself in the match until the double elixir period - then this deck comes into its own. Drop a Royal Giant at the bridge with a Sparky behind, place a Hog Rider also and watch your opponent get destroyed.

Card guides

Royal Giant

Royal Giant

Win condition

This is one of your main win conditions, wait until double elixir to drop at the bridge unless you have a huge elixir advantage.



Key card

Keep the Sparky alive as long as possible to get max value from this key card. Drop behind your king tower to set up a push with your Royal Giant/Hog Rider.

1x Single elixir strategy

Due to this deck having a high elixir cost you should try and make positive elixir trades whilst in the single elixir period. Try and defend everything your opponent throws at you taking a small amount of tower damage.

2x Double elixir strategy

This is when the deck comes into its own and most decks will struggle to defend against you. Drop a Royal Giant at the bridge and a Hog rider also. Try and build up a push with a Sparky behind your Royal Giant. Keep your spells for defending your Royal Giant and Sparky.