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The Golem deck that is breaking the meta

Average elixir 4.4

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

This is one of the hottest decks right now that is destroying the meta! The skeleton army is one of the key cards in this deck as it can do a lot of damage to the heavier tanks in the game. If you manage to bait out the zap spell with the skeleton army then you can use bats or the night witch. The idea when playing the golem is to build up supporting cards behind. Drop the night witch or prince behind the golem for maximum effect.

Card guides

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army

Key card

This is one of the key cards in the deck. Use it to destroy the heavier tanks if your opponent is playing them.

1x Single elixir strategy

You should wait for your opponent to make the first play with this deck. Learn what deck your opponent is playing whilst in single elixir and try to make positive elixir trades.

2x Double elixir strategy

This is the time when you can start to build up your pushes. Keep the pressure up if you think your opponent is low on elixir or us their counter cards out of cycle.