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One push win Golem deck!

Average elixir 3.8

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

This deck can be used to win in one push! Yes its really possible!

The deck can be played aggressively if you have the Golem in your starting hand, put the Golem down behind your king tower and see what cards your opponent has to counter it. Playing a night witch behind the Golem can kill off most units. The key to success with this deck is the timing of the clone spell, try to bait out their zap/arrow spells before using clone and watch their towers get destroyed!

Card guides



Win condition

The Golem is the main win condition in this deck. Play him behind your king tower if you have him in your starting hand and try to build up a push behind with the Night Witch.



Key card

The Clone spell when used right can completely destroy your opponent and catch them off guard. Only use this when you have baited out the zap/arrow spell with your bats or when they are low on elixir.

1x Single elixir strategy

This deck can be played quite aggressively from the start, try to bait out their smaller spells such as zap and arrows before using the clone spell. Make positive elixir trades whilst cycling Golem pushes. The main defensive units in this deck is the flying machine/goblin gang and night witch.

2x Double elixir strategy

This is when the deck comes into its own. Keep cycling the Golem at the back of your tower and putting the night witch and other counter cards behind it. Once you have a number of cards in range of the clone spell clone away and watch your opponent’s tower get destroyed! The Golem and Night Witch should always been cloned, throw a skeleton barrel in alongside these cards for maximum impact.