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Off Meta Graveyard Deck

Average elixir 3.6

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

This deck has been used by some of the pros in Clash Royale and is an off meta deck that will make it impossible for your opponents to guess what cards you are using. You can use the goblin hut and zappies to bait out spells from your opponent which could be used against your witch or graveyard. The graveyard is your main win condition and when paired with the freeze spell when your opponent is low on elixir lets just say good luck to them!

Good luck and enjoy the deck!

Card guides



Win condition

The graveyard is your main win condition in this deck. You should try and build an attack with your witch or knight when playing this card to distract your opponents princess tower.



Key card

Use this spell wisely! When your opponent is low on elixir pair this card with the graveyard and watch your opponents tower get destroyed!

1x Single elixir strategy

The starting play you should try and make is the goblin hut played in the center. If you do not have the hut in hand either split the zappies or play the barb barrel. Try to chip away at your opponents towers whilst in single elixir and do not over commit. Only use the freeze if you think you have a good elixir advantage. Keep stacking the goblin huts to keep the constant pressure on your opponent.

2x Double elixir strategy

Once in double elixir you can start supporting your counter pushes more. Try splitting the lane push and using your graveyard in the lane where your opponent has tried to defend with the least amount of elixir. The goblin hut can also be used to support the witch on her push.