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Mini Pekka Giant Deck

Average elixir 2.9

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

Bridge spam? Enjoy playing aggressively? Then this deck is for you! The idea with this deck is to keep applying pressure until your opponent eventually breaks. The giant being your main win condition with all of your other deck to support. Your spells in this deck should be used to make positive elixir trades when your giant and mini P.E.K.K.A are on the battlefield. Use these spells to wipe out bats, skeletons and skeleton army's.

Card guides



Win condition

The giant is your main win condition use him wisely! Try to out cycle decks with inferno towers and inferno dragons. Using your other troops behind your giant is key as they will provide much needed backup to destroy your opponents towers.

Magic Archer

Magic Archer

Key card

The magic archer reportedly has is the highest skill gap card in the game! This means use him wisely - try to keep him alive and out of range of other troops. He will be your main air defense and provide a much needed back up for your giant.

1x Single elixir strategy

Start off by playing with the miner with bats or another low cost option. This will force your opponents hands to show what deck they are using. Only play the giant when you know what counter cards your opponent has. If they make a large elixir push from the opening play you can then counter this with your giant and mini P.E.K.K.A.

2x Double elixir strategy

This is the time to ramp up the pressure with this deck, do NOT allow your opponent to build up there elixir to 10. Keep playing aggressively with your giant, miner and mini P.E.K.K.A pushes to their princess or king towers. The key with this deck is to play your supporting cards effectively against your opponent. This will see you eventually gain an on field elixir advantage in which your opponent will not be able to respond.