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Endless bait deck

Average elixir 3

Cards used in this deck

Deck overview

This deck can supply an endless amount of pressure making it hard for your opponent to do anything but defend. You have six cards that have the ability to bait out spells which makes it effective even against a triple spell deck. The goblin cage will be used on defence to distract their units then push with the brawler. You can apply dual lane pressure and also out cycle most decks with this deck.

Card guides

Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel

Win condition

Use this card to make your opponent spend elixir on defence rather than attack. This can be used to get chip damage at your opponents tower if the princess is at the bridge.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army

Key card

Use this card for defending against tanks or units like the sparky.

1x Single elixir strategy

Start out by playing either of the barrels if they are in your cycle. Learn what spells your opponent is playing in their deck so you can bait them out. In the early stage try and make positive trades then counter push.

2x Double elixir strategy

By this point you should be aware what deck your opponent is playing, try to bait out their spells/counters and punish them. You will need to get the majority of damage done with either of the barrels as you have no direct damage cards.